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Kolbis Service

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KOLBIS CORP. is Authorized Service:

  • of XEROX multifunctional, printers, copiers, production systems
  • XEROX VAR for System Solutions on the territory of Bulgaria;
  • IBM workstations, PC, portable computers;
  • Pitney Bowes

The service of the company is founded in 1993. The main service basis of Kolbis Corp. consists of 7 technical specialists, subsidiary staff, 7 service automobiles, technical basis for repairment and testing, equipped with service aparature of various types, in accordance with the requirements of XEROX. All the members from the technical staff are highly graduated (computing technics, electro) and they have rich work experience. At regular intervals they take part in specialized courses, organized by XEROX. The service of the company have won the admission of our clients.

Main Service Base of Kolbis AD:
Sofia, 47 Sv.Sv.Kiril i Metodiy St.
phones: (02) 9339924, 9339944, 088914274, Fax: 933 99 23

Repair Base of Kolbis AD, Varna:
61 Preslav St
phones: (052) 66466, 088886646

Repair Base of Kolbis AD, Gabrovo:
30 Skobelevska St.
phones: (066) 31020, 088623972

| Service centers | Technical staff |


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