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Training is the key to new technologies.

We make great efforts to train qualified operators and consumers. The training of operators and consumers is mandatory so that the money paid by the client for the system produce an effect. An integral system solution will work only provided that the operators and the consumers are trained.

On this subject, Kolbis works in three directions.

First, we have our own training center licensed by the National Occupational Office, which is also in a process of licensing by the National Agency for Vocational Training and Education. An example for its operation is the training of 60 operators from all regional administrations in Bulgaria for work with Xerox DocuCenters and in the Intranet medium of the government administration.

Investments are made for construction of a training complex of our own.

Second. Integration with the Technical University - Sofia, with which we have signed a contract for joint training in the field of information technologies. The Technical University with its facilities in the country offers great training opportunities, which must be used in such moments as large-scale training of doctors and other health workers for efficient use of health information systems.

Third. We have the support of the three companies for our activity in the field of the training of our own employees and of clients employees.



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