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Strategy for development of Kolbis

1. Specific steps towards expansion of the market share of supplies and service in the following fields:

  • governmental structures participation in public procurement procedures and projects of central establishments, and also maintenance and development of the equipment in province administrations at a regional level;
  • governmental economic structures participation in public procurement procedures, projects and individual supplies;
  • big private structures projects and individual supplies;
  • new investors entering the country - projects and individual supplies;
  • small and middle private structures - individual supplies.

2. Building regional DocuCenters for expansion of the market share in the field of document services.

3. Creating a network of IT companies integrated partners of Kolbis in the country. Through its regional structures Kolbis will help various companies on the IT market in the process of their transition from selling by the piece to selling integral system solution. Kolbis will provide full support to local IT companies with which it has contractual relations with respect to technologies, training, production facilities, spare parts and consumables for prices and at conditions identical with those prevailing in Sofia. The ultimate goal is to create a holding structure based on Kolbis plus the integrated partners.

4. Continuation of the process of merging the markets for Xerox, IBM and Microsoft, where the role of Kolbis as an integrator increases.

A new joint-stock company was recently established, uniting Kolbis AD and PSIT in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The new joint-stock company Kolbis PSIT AD has 32 offices in 25 regional towns in Bulgaria, with total over 200 specialists in building and maintenance of information systems based on IBM, Xerox and Microsoft technologies. Kolbis PSIT AD has sufficient resources in Sofia and in the country for implementation of nation-wide projects



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