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Background of Kolbis

Back in 1991, three enthusiasts guided by K. Kolev, began selling computers, teller machines and Xerox copiers. The company started with a loan from Post Bank to the amount of BGL 250 000, at 76% annual interest. In the fall of 1992, the loan was redeemed. A wonderful team, already of 5 members, and wonderful machines. By that time the copying machines were analogue. The full ranges of Xerox machines, adapted to the conditions in the country, were sold.

In 1993 the company established its first copying center at Gurko Street, opposite to the Ministry of the Interior. Initially the center was equipped with black-and-white analogue and hybrid copiers, a full-color copier and finishing devices. Pre-print processing services were promoted.

The business expanded with a trading structure, and a repair shop with the necessary equipment was established.

Kolbis was authorized to distribute Xerox printers, and throughout the term of that contract the company sold 90% of the Xerox printers in Bulgaria.

We will mention the spring of 1997, when, under conditions of hyperinflation, the work in the company involved enormous stress and risks. During the deep economic shocks in the country, the company management succeeded in preserving the company potential by transferring all funds in BGL into tangible assets and stock in trade.

Since 1991, several generations of machines have changed, and the team of Kolbis has grown and improved, but it has never betrayed Xerox. Now Xerox produces the best digital machines in the world, and its mirror in Bulgaria, Kolbis, has such machines and operates with them in the best way.

Together with the repair shop, a second copying center was established in the National library, entirely equipped with unique machines: the first special book-copying machines in Bulgaria, the so called book-copiers, which do not cause aging of the original, the first digital black and white copier in Bulgaria, the first digital full-color copier, connected through faers to a computer and performing the functions of a full-color printer and scanner size A3, machine for drawings with reduction and enlargement up to size A0+.

In 1998, the repair shop was licensed to repair digital black and white equipment.

In 1998, the old copying centers were re-equipped with digital machines. The company receives an authorization by Xerox for copying centers.

In 1998, the company receives an authorization by Xerox for VAR for Bulgaria, i.e. it becomes Xerox design organization for Bulgaria. Accordingly, the repair shop is authorized to implement and maintain the designed information systems. By that time Kolbis provides services to a number of corporate clients: the Council of Ministers, Bulbank, United Bulgarian Bank. At that time is implemented also the project in SOMAT for stage-by-stage replacement of its equipment, varying in trademarks, models and production years, with one-type Xerox equipment. The maintenance is simplified and a serious economic effect for the customer is achieved. The centralized supply system is also introduced by that time. The new equipment is the base of SOMAT information system.

A couple of years ago, the state saw in the face of Kolbis a company with serious experience and potentials in the filed of information technologies and this was officially documented with the signing of a Memorandum of cooperation by and between the state administration, Xerox Balkans and Kolbis.

In the end of 1998, the state assigned to Kolbis the performance of an automated document exchange system in the Council of Ministers. The most important in this system is the DocuCenter for electronic recording and production of printout documents. The project is implemented with the assistance of Xerox European Technical Center in Welling garden city. In the beginning of 1999, the DocuCenter and the other parts of the information system were completed and put into operation. They were officially inaugurated in February 1999 in the presence of the press.

By the same time, with the financial support of Xerox, Kolbis established a Franchise DocuCenter (at 3 Dondukov Blvd.), which from one side was opened for citizens, and from its other side was a back up for the state administration. Thus, the state saved the necessary money for construction of a back up DocuCenter, which is mandatory in such cases.

In the DocuCenter at Dondukov Blvd., we introduced the first DocuTech 135 for public needs, the first network laser engineering machine Xerox 830, the first high-speed full-color network laser machine DC 40.

Today, the potentials of the DocuCenter considerably increased both with respect to the services for the population, and with respect to its production capacity. The logic of the technological and financial integration is to the benefit of both parties.

The project Regional Administrations is a stage of the implementation of an integral project for equipment of the state administration. The equipment includes 56 digital copiers of middle and high class (28 DocuCenter 265 St and 28 DocuCenter 220 ST), 28 servers of middle class IBM Netfinity 5000, 28 work stations IBM, 28 servers Microsoft NT 4.0 (with 25 branch networks each), web-based specialized software, etc. The project was implemented by Kolbis AD individually. The equipment was supplied and put into operation in March 2000.



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